Our Process

Working with custom inflatables is far easier than most realize. The majority of projects start with a simple line drawing or even just an idea. Our experienced creative team will work together with you to help make your vision come alive.

From the initial 3D concept design to the final approvals, production and logistics the entire process moves in a very timely manner through our excellent team of trained professionals. Below is the process for getting your amazing creation started.


Submit Your Concept

This can be as simple as a line drawing; however, the better the image / drawing the easier it will be for our designers to work with. Submission of Vector artwork for your product is required for high resolution imprint along with all PMS color references for airbrushing and for material matching.



Our designers will then turn your concept into a 3-Dimensional rendering showing how your design will look as a custom inflatable advertising product. During this time all comments and necessary changes (if any) will be submitted by the client and corrected by our designers.



Upon client approvals of the 3-D rendering our production staff will then go into the manufacturing side of your product. Once the product begins to take form digital images will be sent for further approvals on shape, coloring, etc. Upon completion of the product, more digital images of the product will be sent for final client approvals before the product is shipped.


Shipping & Handling

During the manufacturing process we will require a shipping manifest in order to expedite your shipment so it reaches your promotion / event in a timely and cost effective manner.

Professional Awards & Accolades for Our Work

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