Dancing Inflatables

  • Airdancer Red Dancing Inflatable
  • Del Monte Dancing Inflatable
  • Happy Car Dancing Inflatable
  • Happy Cow Dancing Inflatable
  • Hertz Dancing Inflatable
  • KSON FM Dancing Inflatables
  • KSON FM Dancing Inflatables
  • Shaved Ice Dancing Inflatable
  • Sweet Dreams Dancing Inflatable
  • Tall Striped Tube Dancing Inflatable
  • U.S. Army MWR Dancing Inflatable
  • Viasat Internet Dancing Inflatable
  • Pink Jarritos Dancing Inflatable
  • Red Jarritos Dancing Inflatables
  • Green Jarritos Dancing Inflatable
  • Jarritos Dancing Inflatables

Tube man, skydancer, air dancer, and originally called the Tall Boy, a Dancing Inflatable is a great moving advertising product comprising a long fabric tube (with two or more outlets), which is attached to and powered by an electrical fan.

Our Dancing Inflatables can be as small as 6 feet to over 24 feet tall to advetising your brand, products or business for customers to enjoy.

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